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"At times the hassle of figuring out how best to start that fire is a real chore...until we recently experimented with STOKES! STOKES is as easy as placing beneath the firewood, light [with one match], sit back and crumbling of newspaper or other material. We're customers for life!"


"I love how easy it is to use STOKES. I was initially attracted by the product's environmental friendliness and beautiful packing. After using STOKES over the last 2 seasons, I now also realize from experience that STOKES is more effective than any other products I had ever used before to easily, safely, and reliably light up a fire. I would not consider using any other product for lighting a fire."


"My wife and I light a fire every night while we read. Because we believe in wood-burning rather than gas fireplaces, getting the fire going quickly and easily is important. STOKES make starting a fire painless. I've used other products for years but am able to get a better result using STOKES. Cannot recommend the product highly enough."


"STOKES are perfect!!! They light right away, burn long enough to light our logs, have no chemicals, are totally natural, and use recycled materials! We have never found a product as good for starting our fires. Honestly, I buy them as gifts to give all my friends."


"I have been using STOKES brand fire starters in both my home fireplace and New Hampshire cabin wood stove for more than 2 years and have found the product to work consistently and reliably every time. I particularly like the high energy and compact size of the individual fire starter units.That makes for very economical usage. I find the size of the blocks used by the leading competing brand is unnecessarily large and this leads to higher costs due to the amount wasted with every fire."


"My wife received a free sample at the local store and was hooked. We've been using STOKES all winter and they are great fire starters. STOKES are also a local example of recycling, ingenuity and entrepreneurism. Go STOKES!"